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Rhodesian Ridgeback Standard
F.C.I. Standard No 146 dated 10/12/96
Adopted in Australia 1/1/98 Origin: Southern Africa
Standard supplied by Kennel Union of Southern Africa and Zimbabwe Kennel Club


HEAD AND SKULL - Cranial Region: Skull - Should be of a fair length (width of head between ears, distance from occiput to stop, stop to end of nose, should be equal), flat and broad between the ears; the head should be free from wrinkles when in repose. 
Stop - Should be reasonably well defined and not in one straight line from the nose to the occipital bone. 

Facial Region - Nose - Should be black or brown. A black nose should be accompanied by dark eyes, a brown nose by amber eyes. 
Muzzle - Should be long, deep and powerful. 
Lips - Should be clean, closely fitting the jaws. 
Cheeks - Should be clean. 

EYES - Should be moderately well apart, round, bright and sparkling, with intelligent expression, their colour harmonising with the colour of the coat. 

EARS - Should be set rather high, of medium size, rather wide at base and gradually tapering to a rounded point. They should be carried close to the head. 

MOUTH - Jaws strong with a perfect and complete scissor bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. The teeth must be well developed, especially the canines or holders. 


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