Australian Breeders of the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Mig short of 3yrs old with his handler Leigh McVilly.       
Photo taken by Michael Trafford, early May 2008

 Mig - BIS/BISS GR CH Rijstone What A Cheek

D.O.B. 27-05-2005

HIPS  0:0   &  ELBOWS 0:0


Grand Champion just over 31/2 yrs old

Mig has sired 5 litters with no DS or Ridgeless,, and no excessive white or Black hairs, 4 from line breeding, 1 total outcross, (8 healthy pups in his last mating)

Due about early March, from Mig's last mating we expecting to hear happy news of him being a dad again  :)

Also his semen made its way overseas and have heard the girl to be inseminated is in season,, fingers crossed for the owners...

Mig and my nephew Jaxon


An 8wk old puppy came to my home with no name,, thanks to Leigh and Barb Mc Villy we got the name to suit him,, Mig (coming from Inxs program) and in short meaning "Man I'm Good" as Leigh stated. That name stuck and he has proven to show that he is good at times, Mig has 1 major problem as he tail never stops wagging as some people have found out,

Mig has done me proud in the time I have had him, in 12mths he has taken many classes in group and a few in show. Hopefully he will follow in his father and grandfather paw steps.

Mig has turned this household upside down with his bounce around the house, from 1 couch to the other, no one is safe from his hello which is a jump up to say "HI", Main target is Barb when she walks through the door.

Mig loves free running with the rest of the household and with Barb's RR's and the whippets, (mainly Mira the whippet who Mig loves).

Watch for this hooligan in the ring as he is making his impression

My couch

Migs Awards


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