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Layla - Amashutu Star Gazer

D.O.B. 26-01-2001


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Baby Layla

Layla joined the household just after 8wks of age where she stamped her authority over Arbok, Being new and finding her way she laid on top of Arbok not worrying about him being upset.

Everything intrigued this young lady even to the point of me trying to pave in the yard, the sand and gravel got moved and if she tried hard enough the pavers would have been also. No plant was safe whether in the ground or in pots and safety mess was more of a challenge to venture through.

This young girl got to goes to shows, on her 1st visit in socialisation at the show she was more intrigued in being in the ring than what dogs were outside of the ring.

As time went on her preference wasn't the show ring but more the walks we took at the park and better still the ducks in the dam where she would swim and chase for ages.

Layla now spends her days at home with her playmate Arbok,

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