Australian Breeders of the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Are you able to handle a Rhodesian Ridgeback?



Go for a walk in the street with one arm as far as possible stretched out.
Try after a couple more steps to stretch your arm even further out.
Say with a friendly voice a couple of times the command “follow”.
Now say a couple of times a bit louder the command “follow”.
Now scream once “STOP PULLING”, ignore the looks that people passing by give you.

Forget that luxury BMW, but buy right away a station wagon or a Van
(there will probably be an other ridgeback joining soon).
Buy some cookies and bones.
Crush the cookies and rub them in the seat covers of the front and back seat.
Throw the bones lose in the car.

Get your self nicely dressed to go out.
Try to walk away as quietly as possible.
Walk halfway down the driveway and go back.
Try it again 5 minutes later, Go back again.
Switch on the radio and make calming noises.
Try again to leave.
Walk back to your house and go inside.
Call your friends and ask them to come to you instead of going out.

Have you just finished your summer garden?
Then ask the children from the neighborhood to play football in the garden!

Practice sitting on the edge of your chair.
Then try in different ways to balance your cup of coffee on the arm piece.
Eat quietly a cookie with it. Just give it up and throw the rest of the crumbs on the seat of your chair!

Tie two forks on a dog lead and hang it up on a hat stand.
Now try multiple times to grab the lead quietly.
When the forks make a noise, scrape them then hard over your shins and don't forget to scream (OUCH).
Repeat this procedure multiple times and repeat every thing “you say” at least 5 times….

When visitors come into your home, let them sit on the couch.
Throw straight away a bag of potatoes of approximately 35 kg on their lap and wipe multiple times a wet sponge in their face!

Go and practice in getting something fast out of your fridge.
Think before hand what you want and where it precisely is placed.
Open the door and grab what you want then close the door


Begin with cleaning your windows, Are they clean?
Perfect, now make your hands wet and rub them on your windows.
Repeat this minimum 2 times a day.
Clean your carpet clean with the vacuum cleaner,
now grab a pot with sand and throw this on the floor.
Clean the floor again. Repeat this as well 2 times a day!

Go and visit people who have a Rhodesian Ridgeback,
and ask them how they let it come that far that they allow their Rhodesian Ridgeback
to behave pathetically from time to time.
Ask them as well how they manage to get the pup to sleep longer
and how they got it house trained.
And most of all ask them how they taught their Ridgeback table manners.
(don’t worry, the Ridgeback will learn all of this)

Just to experience how your night will be if you have a Ridgeback puppy,
go to bed at 10 PM.
Set the alarm clock at midnight and throw your self with force on the ground.
Empty a heavy bag of potatoes on your sheets and try to get back in bed under the sheets.
Set the alarm clock at 5:30 AM and hit your self in the face with a wet sponge!

Can you handle the rubbish a Ridgeback makes?
To find that out try this one: Make sure your house is fully cleaned.
Throw a bucket of mud over the just cleaned kitchen floor.
Wipe the rest of mud on the sides of the kitchen cupboard, the fridge and the oven.
Make footstep prints on the carpet in the living room and the hallway.
Put your fingers in a flowerpot and wipe them on the wall.

Are you still interested in a Ridgeback after reading this, then contact us.
We will happily talk to you!!!

©Copyright Leosodawi Kennels®  (2006)

 Thanks  Mireille & Roy Croonen from The Netherlands allowing us to put this up on this site.

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