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Arbok - CH Isilwane Matchbox Twenty

 28-11-1999 > 27-03-08

  arbok pedigree
Arbok Pedigree


Arbok 5 months old

Arbok left Isilwane Knls in Canberra at the tender age of 3 1/2 mths and ventured to Melbourne to live here.

In that time he was the solo dog and had all the attention that one could asked for, a garden to revamp, a bed to share maybe with us at times and no one else to eats his food. Living close to a large park where it is an off leash area, Arbok and I use to enjoy going out every day for an hour of playing, running and a swim in the dam.

At a young age Arbok started to goes to dog shows and learned what its was like to run and stand in a ring. In a short time he knew what was expected of him

On 1 occasion when Arbok was shown by a friend she had dropped the lead while they were doing their run for the judge, Arbok had completed all that was asked and even stacked himself in front of the judge, couldn't ask anymore of a dog.

Over the years Arbok has enjoyed the shows, he retired from the ring at the age of 5yrs and enjoys being the top dog now of all the others that has joined this mad household..

At 8yrs old we knew something was wrong with my old boy when he continued to hold his front leg up and was in pain from the shoulder down,, after seeing the vet our worse thoughts were confirmed... trying to delayed ever way possible was hurting him and in the end it was time when we called the vet.. Arbok stilled wagged his tail when at the vets and what i remember was his sad eyes when he looked at me when they shaved his leg and his snoring on his final sleep..


If someone could have told me the pain I felt when I lost him, I would have never believed them. But you were such a showy dog that loved the ring and wanted to go even when I retired you. The tears that flow from me are missing you now until the time we meet again.




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